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Frequently Asked Questions

Why does a university in a small rural state like West Virginia have a Center for Chinese Business?

  • China's 1.3 billion people represent the world's largest country. China has one of the fastest growing economies in the world and an emerging middle class with tremendous purchasing power. No country or university can afford to overlook China's present and future influence on the world's economy.
Yu Garden

How do West Virginia companies benefit from a Center for Chinese Business?

  • The Center for Chinese Business has developed relationships with hundreds of influential business and government officials over the last decade. Chinese business operates through "guanxi" or an intricate set of relationships and friendships that allow business to operate effectively in spite of the complex Chinese government bureaucracy. Market information, due-diligence, customer identification, agent identification, and supply chain issues are very difficult to navigate in China. The China Center uses its network of relationships to help West Virginia companies find solutions to these questions.

How do West Virginia University students benefit from a Center for Chinese Business?

  • The Center for Chinese Business sponsors a study abroad trip each summer to China where WVU faculty, WV companies, and students spend two-weeks exploring the China market. The Center also sponsors an Export Management Program each semester where students, and WV companies work together to develop a market entry strategy for export markets around the world.

Why should a small company in West Virginia consider exporting?

  • There is an old saying "If you're not on their doorstep then they will be on yours." If you don't have a face to face relationship with your customer then you face a particular threat from a competitor taking your customer. Survival in many companies depends on their ability to expand their markets internationally. You can't afford not to consider exporting.

What is the benefit of having hundreds of WVU alumni in high-ranking positions throughout China?

  • While relationships are important in any country, they are essential to doing business in China. Our alumni may not be able to answer a particular question themselves but they will know where to go to find an answer. They can also perform due-diligence on potential customers, joint-venture partners, and agents in China.

Why do Chinese business and government officials and students want to come to West Virginia University?

  • West Virginia is viewed as safe, friendly, and beautiful. "Almost Heaven" is known around the world and Chinese people are anxious to experience West Virginia. Interestingly, since 9/11, interest in West Virginia has actually increased. We are close to big cities but not in big cities. We have a reputation of being a "safe haven" that welcomes people from other cultures.

How can I participate in one of the programs for business offered by the Center for Chinese Business?

  • Contact Bill Riley or Victor Chow to answer your questions directly at 304-293-7885. We will gladly arrange an appointment to discuss the international trade of your company.

How can I participate in one of the programs for students offered by the Center for Chinese Business?

  • Contact Michael Zhao at 304.293.3047 to discuss questions about academic programs.

How does West Virginia benefit from exporting their products and services?

  • Exporting creates 20,000 jobs per billion dollars of export sales. Exporting firms pay 15 percent higher wages than non-exporting firms. Exporting companies grow faster and are less likely to go out of business than non-exporting firms.