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Brown Bag Research Workshop

1st brown bag

To further facilitate faculty and student research consistent with the Center’s mission, the CFE runs a regular lunchtime “brown bag” workshop presentation. These seminars consist of early stage research papers by CFE faculty, graduate students, and short-term visitors.

Fall 2017

  • August 21 - Michael Sacks, "The Economics of Religious Communities: Integration, Discrimination and Radicalization."
  • August 28 - Shishir Shakya, “Evolution of Sectorial Linkages, Leakages and Landscapes of U.S.”
  • September 11 - Zachary Rodriguez, "Microfinance and Time Preferences."
  • September 18 - Greg DeAngelo, “Online Erotic Services Advertising Platforms and Violence Against Women.”
  • September 25 - Shishir Shakya, “U.S. Intersectorial Network and Federal Restrictions.”
  • October 2 - Perry Ferrell, “FARC That Deal: Transitional Gains Trap of Property Rights Formalization.”
  • October 9 - Marcus Witcher, "Getting Right with Reagan: Conservatives and the Fortieth President."
  • October 16 - Josh Matti, "The Spatial Distribution of Urban Consumer Service Firms: Evidence from Yelp Reviews."
  • October 23 - Amir Neto, “Does Labor Market Pooling Affect Outcomes?”
  • October 30 – Paul Walker, “Individual Competence and Committee Decision Making: Experimental Evidence.”
  • November 6 - Eduardo Minuci, “Shill Bidding and Trust.”
  • November 13 - Yang Zhou, "Living by Death? Living by Green? Evidence of Green Space's Influence on Residential Real Estate Prices from the US Housing Market."
  • November 27 - Brad Humphreys, “The Effect of Public Subsidies to Professional Sports Franchises on Infant Health.”  

Spring 2017

  • January 9 - Michael Sacks, “Reimbursing Consumers’ Switching Costs in Network Industries," coauthored with Jiawei Chen of UC Irvine.

  • January 16 - Eduardo Minuci, “Shill Bidding and Social Preferences." 

  • January 23 - Rico (Taining) Wang, “A Consistent Gradient-Based Nonparametric Test for Regression Structure” 

  • January 30 -  Amir Neto, “Determining public library efficacy”

  • February 6 - Sriparna Ghosh, “Firm Exit: Does regulation matter?”

  • February 13 - Josh Matti, "The Political Economy of the USDA Rural Business-Cooperative Service" 

  • February 20 - Yang Zhou, "Does Government Experience Matter? An Analysis of the Fiscal Impact of Jesse Ventura and Arnold Schwartznegger" 

  • February 27 - Collin Hodges, "The Impact of Changes in Socioeconomic Status on Obesity Prevalence."

  • March 13 - Brad Humphreys, “Match Fixing and Sports Betting in Football: Empirical Evidence from the German Bundesliga”  

  • March 20 - Perry Ferrell, ““What the FARC: Why the Colombian Peace Referendum Failed”  

  • March 27 - Patrick Reilly, “High-school graduation and bank branch deregulation.”

  • April 3 - Perry Ferrell, “Expenditures, Taxation, and Regulation: The 17th Amendment and the Growth of Federal Government”

  • April 10 - Jakub Mikulka, “Betting Market: A Study of Bettors' Strategy"

  • April 17 - Rustam Romaniuc (Lille Catholic University), ”Intergroup Solidarity and Voting"

  • April 24 - Benjamin Blemings, "Does Putting Alcohol on Tap at College Football Games Affect Crime Flows?"

Fall 2016

  • August 22 - Bryan McCannon, “Lab-in-the-field: Microfinance in Southern Rural Uganda”
  • August 29 - Danko Tarabar, “European Institutional Integration and Income Inequality
  • September 5 - Michael Sacks, “In the club: strategic admission, membership, and endogenous splits”
  • September 12 - Amir Neto, “Do Tourists Tip More than Local Consumer? Evidence from Taxi Rides in New York City”
  • September 19 - Chris Yencha, “Walkability Measures and Residential Property Value: Evidence from Computer Vision Methods”
  • September 26 - Imran Arif, “Barriers to International Mobility and Technology Diffusion”
  • October 3 - Peter Calcagno (College of Charleston), “Regime Duration, Institutional Memory, and Economic Freedom”
  • October 10 - Frank Stephenson (Berry College), “Economic Development Effects of Sports and Mega Events: Evidence from Hotel Nights”
  • October 17 - Joylynn Pruitt, “Taking on the Boss: Incumbent Entry and Prosecutor Elections”
  • October 31 - Paul Walker, “Individual Effort and Committee Decision Making: Experimental Evidence”
  • November 7 - Shree Baba Pokharel, “Federal Regulations and Corporate Returns in the United States (2004-2013)”
  • November 28 - Yang Zhou, "Do Ideology Movements and Legal Intervention Matter: A Synthetic Control Analysis of the Chongqing Experience"

Spring 2016

  • February 1 - Danko Tarabar, “The Role of Culture in Reform Performance: Evidence from Transition Countries”
  • February 8 - Shree Baba Pokharel, “Low-Income Occupational Regulation and Entrepreneurship”
  • February 15 - Sriparna Ghosh, "Effect of Regulation on Entrepreneurship”
  • February 22 - Perry Ferrell, “The Role of Social Histories on Deviant Behavior: An Economics Experiment”
  • February 29 - Joylynn Pruitt, “Taking on the Boss: Informational Challenging in Prosecutor Elections”
  • March 7 - Paul Walker, “Endogenous Competence and a Limit to the Condorcet Jury Theorem”
  • March 28 - Josh Matti, “Does Crime affect Business Location Decisions? A Discussion of the Current Literature”
  • April 11 - Megan Teauge (George Mason University), “Barriers to Entry: An Empirical Account of Business Creation Difficulties in the United States"
  • April 14 - Antonios Koumpias (Georgia State University), “The Effect of Compliance Reminders on Tax Payments: Quasi-experimental Evidence from Greece”
Fall 2015
  • October 5 – Jamie Bologna, “The Effect of Informal Employment and Corruption on Income Levels in Brazil”
  • October 19 – Masha Tackett, “Gender Migration and Labor Share”
  • November 2 – Umair Khalil, “Racial Composition of Police Force and Police Response”
  • November 16  – Bryan McCannon, “Contracts and Trust”
  • November 30 - “Ethnic Assortative Matching in Marriage and Family Outcomes: Evidence from the Mass Migration to the United States during 1900-1930.”
  • December 7 – Chris Yencha, “Who’s Paying for Regional Hospital Cost Inefficiencies?” 

Spring 2015

  • February 6 - Andrew Young, “Visigothic Retinues: The Roving Bandits that Succeeded Rome”
  • February 13 - Danko Tarabar, “The Impact of EU Accession and Membership on Reform Measures in Europe 1970-2010”
  • February 20 - Chris Yencha, “The Political Economy of Subsidized Commercial Air Service” 
  • February 27 - Maria Sorokina, “Women, Migration, and Labor Share” 
  • March 11 - Jamie Bologna, “Executive Influence over Federal Corruption Convictions”
  • April 24 - Crystal Wong, “The Effect of Child Custody Laws on Marriage”