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Graduate School

determine if grad school is the right move for you.

Attending graduate school is a big commitment and investment of your time, money, and energy. Take time to ask yourself some of these important questions to find out if graduate school is your next career move.

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Personal Motivation

What do you truly want to do? What excites you more than anything? Or are you considering graduate school because you aren’t sure of what to do next?

If it’s a profession you absolutely, positively must pursue, and it requires advanced education, then you’re probably an excellent candidate for further education. If you can’t think of what to do next, don’t think of graduate school as a way to hide from the job search. You face wasting a lot of resources.

Employer and Market Demand

Do employers in your profession seek candidates with an advanced degree or work experience? Take this opportunity to do some research. 

Not every profession requires an advanced degree, so do some research on potential career opportunities before committing to more education. Depending on your profession, you may want to explore fieldwork experience rather than a graduate degree. Otherwise, you may run to risk of being over-educated and under-experienced.

If you do plan to work before going back for that advanced degree, will more education help you move up the ranks at your company? Have you landed a job in your undergraduate area of study, and now you’re thinking you want to enhance what you’ve learned, or pursue a totally new field? Depending on your professional career path, advanced education may help you reach your career goals.

Ability to Commit

Do you feel ready to commit? Are big life plans such as marriage and family in your immediate future?  

Graduate school can put a huge financial strain on a young couple already facing student loan debt, not to mention the burden of the time you’ll be spending studying. Be sure you—and your family—are ready for the added responsibility of a few more years of schooling.

Courtesy of the  National Association of Colleges and Employers.