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Take advantage of the B&E Center for Career Development from the moment you step onto campus. Take steps each year to reach your career goals.

Make Sure You're on Track

What We Offer

Scheduling an Appointment

The CCD will do our best to accommodate walk-ins, but we recommend scheduling an appointment with a team member in advance. Login to MountaineerTRAK and follow the steps below.

If you need assistance in knowing who to schedule an appointment with, please call our office. We will be happy to assist.

On-Campus Interviews

Undergraduate and graduate students from the WVU College of Business & Economics and recent alumni are eligible to participate in on campus interviews in the Center for Career Development. By applying through  MountaineerTRAK, students are able to view open positions, interview schedules and apply. Each employer determines specific qualifications needed to be eligible for the position and manages the application process. Internship opportunities are often open to students from all grade levels. 


In today’s business environment, students face an increasingly competitive job market. Internships are the perfect way to acquire that experience before entering the job market. At the College of Business and Economics, students may opt to pursue an internship for course credit or not-for-credit. If planning to earn course credit through the Professional Field Experience (491) Course, students should work with the CCD Internship Coordinator.

Professional Field Experience (491) Guidelines and Requirements

Applying to Graduate School

When considering graduate school, the first thing to consider is why you want to go in the first place. Students should make sure graduate/professional school aligns with their career goals and isn’t just a back-up plan in case they’re unable to obtain a job upon graduation. The CCD team is happy to work with students to build the best strategy for achieving their career goals. 

Questions to Consider: