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Executive Education

Custom Programs: Unique Challenges Require Unique Solutions

Our open enrollment programs are among the best available, but sometimes your company needs executive education or workforce development that is uniquely tailored for your exact issues and expectations.

You can derive significant benefits from having your leadership, managerial and professional teams share common educational experiences. Among the most common outcomes are increased teamwork and an understanding of functions across departments and divisions. You will realize continuous organizational improvement as students complete assignments based on real and immediate issues for your business. Customized programs can foster greater communication among employees, reinforce organizational culture, and focus attention and effort on achieving organizational goals. Your team returns to the workplace with a renewed energy, shared mission, and better able to instill what's been learned in the classroom in your organization. A custom-designed program will address the specific needs of your organization in terms of program content, design, methodology, duration and location. Our custom programs are specifically tailored to each company's unique requirements through practical examples, customized case studies, and team exercises.

We can deliver existing open enrollment programs in your organization, combine elements from existing programs to create a new program or create an entirely new program based on your needs. For example, each program we deliver on change management will discuss ways to identify and overcome resistance to change. In a customized program, specific elements of resistance inherent or expected in your organization as well as specific issues that arise during the discussion will be dealt with as they relate to your organizational culture. For these reasons, benefits of our custom executive education program are immediate and tangible. We believe our client-driven approach is unique in terms of our responsiveness to client needs. We encourage you to explore the possibilities by contacting us.

Our Collaborative Development Process

  • Perform Needs Assessment
    We meet with key individuals in your organization and listen to your needs. Our goal is to better understand your most pressing strategic challenges and desired outcomes.
  • Analysis
    Our team analyzes the strengths and gaps to develop the curriculum and the program. The methodology is determined and the working model is presented for your review.
  • Delivery
    Classes will meet according to your schedule. They can be held in an array of traditional and non-traditional formats. We do this on our campus, your facility or any site world wide.
  • Development
    We draw upon our collective knowledge of business practices and functional expertise and your knowledge of your organizational mission and strategy. We take an integrative approach to design and we deliver programs that help you drive action into results. We can integrate company projects into the program to apply the learning directly to current organizational issues. The curriculum, case studies, and materials are finalized.
  • Evaluation and Follow Up
    After the program, we hold a debriefing with our training team and the client to evaluate success in meeting the objective. Because we work to understand our clients' needs and industries, many of the companies we work with become long-term partners. Through partnerships, we can offer ongoing support in meeting emerging changes in the external environment and implementing new internal initiatives.

Custom Program Sample

Both the curriculum and delivery of your program will be tailored to your needs. Examples of two delivery methods are listed below. The first represents a residential model where participants arrive on Sunday, are assigned to cross functional work teams and work through the curriculum all week. The second is an example of the same program delivered on site each Tuesday for 5 consecutive weeks.

Example of Finance for the Non-Financial Manager Curriculum

Examples of Delivery Method Models

Meet Our Clients

The following is a sampling of our client list: