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How many applications did you receive this year for the Marketing program and how many will be admitted?

We are still receiving applications. By the end of the admissions cycle, we anticipate receiving about two dozen applications. Our goal is to have a starting cohort of 2 or 3 students. Because some students we admit may not choose to attend WVU, we may accept more than three students.

How many students in next year’s cohort are you going to offer scholarships?

We do not offer scholarships, rather every person admitted into the program is offered a graduate assistantship (GA). Each student with a GA is required to work 20 hours with a member of the marketing faculty on his or her research program. At some point in the program (usually in the third year), the GA will involve teaching responsibilities. Because of the apprentice-like nature of doctoral programs in marketing, we view the GA as an integral part of doctoral education.

What will be included in the financial aid package? Will it cover health insurance?

Each student who is admitted to WVU’s PhD Program in Marketing will receive a graduate assistantship (GA) and will be eligible to have tuition waived for coursework taken in the program. The current assistantship stipend is $23,000 for twelve months.

In addition, students with GAs will receive financial support for University health care and insurance. For more information, please refer to the WVU Graduate Student Health Care and Insurance website.

What is the average profile of current students? Can you tell me the average working experience, undergrad/grad GPA and GMAT/GRE scores of those students in the program?

All current students hold MBAs or other masters degrees. Many have substantial work experience while some who have been in school all of their adult lives. Because this is a selective program (as are all doctoral programs) undergraduate/graduate GPAs are on the high side, as are GMAT/GRE test scores.

When is the application deadline? Will you accept applications after that deadline? When will applicants be notified of the admission decision?

To be assured full consideration for August admission and/or financial aid, all application materials must be received by January 15th. However, we will consider late applications and will review applications until all available slots in the program have been filled. Applicants will be notified as soon as the PhD Admissions Committee has reviewed their completed files.

The department makes admission and financial aid decisions on a rolling basis beginning in the late fall for admission in the following August. For this reason, early applications are strongly encouraged. Applicants are encouraged to complete the online application procedure and to have their references provide their letters of recommendation online as well.

Do you encourage early submission of materials so that faculty members will review them first?

The PhD Admissions Committee will review an applicant’s credentials informally to provide some feedback as to how the applicant might strengthen the application. Careful attention is paid to the standardized tests (GMAT preferred, GRE accepted if it is high enough), particularly the overall score and the scores for the quantitative and verbal subparts. For international students, evidence of their English language skills is also reviewed through test scores and a personal interview via phone or Skype.

We believe that another benefit of the early submission of materials is that the Committee gets to know the applicant before the formal review of the materials occurs. This helps the Committee better understand the applicant’s interests, desires, strengths, and weaknesses.

What tests of language proficiency do you require?

Students whose native language is not English must demonstrate that they are able to perform successfully in university-level coursework where English is the language of instruction and assessment. The marketing department requires the minimum acceptable TOEFL score of 620 on the paper-based format or equivalent on the IELTS. A Skype interview may also be conducted.

Do you accept the GRE in lieu of the GMAT?

Our written policy is that we accept GMAT scores only. However, we will accept the GRE if the scores are high enough (i.e., the GRE score converted to the GMAT score exceeds our 650 threshold) and the scores on the quantitative and verbal subtests are acceptable.

The Doctoral Program in Marketing requires competence in advanced statistical methods, as well as an ability to conceptualize and communicate complex ideas in an understandable fashion. Thus, while an outstanding score on one subtest may compensate for a weaker score on another, we require sufficient scores on both.

Do you admit students to start the program in January?

The WVU PhD Program in Marketing is a cohort program. Therefore, we do not admit students to begin the program in January. However, students who have no previous coursework in business may opt to enroll at WVU in January to take background courses to prepare them for the doctoral program.