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About The Program

Program Details  

  1. Cloud Analytics Faculty Fellows will develop curated classroom experiences to expose students to working with NOAA datasets associated with NODD initiative and cloud service providers to catalyze innovation and problem solving.   
  2. Faculty fellows will be selected per year in 2024 and 2025 to support the curated classroom experiences. 
  3. Cloud Analytics Fellows will agree to use NOAA datasets in their class, create at a minimum one assignment using a relevant dataset and cloud resources, and pair the assignment with an entrepreneurship lecture to give the students the context of how they can use the data to solve problems. 
  4. Faculty fellows will participate in monthly meetings that will involve HTF Project Analysts and NOAA educational specialists.  The Cloud Analytics Fellows program will be supported by a faculty liaison. 
  5. Faculty fellows will invite/encourage students to participate in a pitch competition/showcase focused on how the NOAA data can be used to solve societal problems. 
  6. WVU will coordinate with HTF Project Analysts to identify educational resources from cloud service providers that can be used to enhance the curated classroom experiences.