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Center for Financial Literacy

Finance University

Finance University will be held July 7-11, 2019 at Hampton Inn and Suites at the University Town Centre in Morgantown, WV.

  • recognized as a best practice for teacher trainings by the U.S. Financial Literacy Education Commission (U.S. FLEC)
  • satisfies the West Virginia Department of Education’s requirements to attain the Personal Finance Education Specialist advanced credential (24.4.9)
  • offers three hours of professional development credit

For the past 15 years, Finance University has brought a university-level immersion into the changing world of personal finance to West Virginia’s educators. Experts from the region will offer classroom tools and materials, online educational programming, and answer questions that may change your understanding of personal finance.

If you are willing to take a week of your summer to learn more about earning, spending, saving, investing, and protecting your money, we are committed to helping you earn the credit hours and advanced credentials associated with this program. You are certain to build lasting friendships with your colleagues from all over the state and have the opportunity to share experiences with leading experts in their field.

The Employee Benefit Research Institute released a brief in February of 2015 estimating that baby boomers on the verge of retirement are coming up short in retirement savings. Married couples need an average nest egg infusion of $38,608.00, and if they are at risk of shortfalls from health and other expenses, they could need an additional $142,598.00. Generation X couples are expected to need an extra $42,758.00 in savings, or $164,166.00 if they are “at risk.” In total, EBRI estimates that Americans are presently short by $4.13 trillion. Finance University attendees will learn about online financial programs and calculators that can help gauge their level of preparedness.

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