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The Career Readiness Program (CRP) is designed to accelerate the professional goals of academically high-performing sophomores and juniors.

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Recruiters delivering a professional development workshop
EY Recruiters Delivering a professional development workshop

gain a competitive advantage.

In addition to academic excellence, employers identified the following competencies as strong predictors for success in the workplace. The CRP is designed to help students acquire them!

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Career Management
Professionalism/Work Ethic

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Oral/Written Communication

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Digital Technology
Critical Thinking/Problem Solving
Global/Intercultural Fluency

Find out what CRP members have to say...

Frank Kerekes, MIS and HTOR

“Being in the Career Readiness Program has really helped me get my name out there and network with future employers. I have met many faculty and staff in B&E that I wouldn’t have been able to get in contact with without the CRP. It helps get you one step ahead of other students in B&E, giving you an edge to present to employers… The hardest part of the CRP is figuring out what to wear to the next event.”

Maria Lombardi, Marketing

“In the CRP, I have gone to various events and different avenues to build myself up and to build that confidence I need. It helps you learn to work with others and really find what is best for the team. That’s something that I don’t know that I would have gotten without the Career Readiness Program. It’s about taking that leap of faith and going for it and striving to be the best. I would encourage any business major to go for it because it can really help you enhance yourself as a person, but it also helps you enhance others by working together.”

Samantha Sarraf, Accounting

“I think people should join because it will prepare you for the future. When you’re doing some of the tasks, you might think it’s not helping you, but as you progress further down, you’re going to realize that every seminar you went to and every hand you shook at career fairs, every mock interview you did—it’s all preparing you. Those hands you shook might not have had a position for you right then, but if you have an impact on someone and if you go back later, they’re going to remember who you are. Being in CRP shows that you’re invested because not only do you value your education, but you’re showing you’re willing to put in the extra work that other people aren’t willing to do.”

Dakota Wolfe, MIS

“The CRP gives you a better foundation to talk to employers and get more one-on-one time with employers. We get to build up our own personal portfolios, talk to professionals, and know how to interact with employers. I know when I came in, I stuttered a lot talking to employers and had no idea what I was doing. But after I started going to more events after joining the program, and doing all of the mock interviews, I improved. The CRP puts you at ease [with employers] and gives a lot more confidence when you are talking to employers. I now have a confidence to me that employers like to see in a professional setting.”


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