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A Word of Encouragement

A Word of Encouragement

As a West Virginia University Mountaineer, there are several big “first” moments as an undergrad: the PRT ride, a football game as a Mountaineer Maniac, a selfie with President E. Gordon Gee, and singing Country Roads together in the Coliseum at graduation. 

However, due to COVID-19, this year’s graduation looks a little different for our seniors.

Your memory of walking at graduation may feel like it was just yesterday. You sat with your classmates, took photos with your friends and family, and took one last stroll through campus. When you yelled “Let’s Go,” others screamed “Mountaineers.” Today, your diploma hangs in your home or work office, and you take any chance you get to cheer on the team and sing Country Roads.  

There is no doubt that the memories and traditions you have from your years at WVU, have followed you well into both your personal and professional lives.

At John Chambers College of Business and Economics, we are inviting you to participate in providing a word of encouragement to this year’s graduating class.

Whether it’s an inspiring story of your personal journey through college or a note of positivity during this uncertain time, let them know that you’re there for them. After all, after May 15, they’re a part of our WVU Alumni family, too. 

The messages we receive will be randomly sent to students digitally by email and social media.

We have a few postcard templates to help get you started, so grab your gold and blue gear and take a trip down memory lane, and help us brighten their day in true Mountaineer style!

Congrats Class of 2020Download and share 

congratulations 2020 graduates!

congratulations 2020 graduates visit again soon!Download and share 

Please connect with WVU Connect in your timeline or share on your social media accounts by tagging @wvuchambers! Connects with your name, graduation year and degree, as well as your message of encouragement. 

Thank you for your consideration in making a student’s virtual graduation experience one that they will never forget.

Let’s Go!

Chambers College