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Recognizing our Professional Sales Competition Winners

It’s the start of the fall semester and, as students and faculty begin to settle into our new routines, we inevitably start looking forward. For some of us at West Virginia University’s John Chambers College of Business and Economics, that means preparing for upcoming sales competitions.

For years, members of our College’s Professional Sales Competition Team have put their skills to the test by participating in a variety of events, including: the WVU Sales Competition, the Steel City Sales Competition at Duquesne University, the International Collegiate Sales Competition and many more. Victoria McDonald, a 2020 graduate and first place winner of last year’s WVU Sales Competition, thought that being a part of the competition was already special. 

“I was happy I was even selected to represent Chambers College, but to represent them to the best of my ability, and win, was a huge privilege for me,” said McDonald.

As a way to get us excited for future events, we would like to recognize all of last years winners, finalists and semi-finalists. 

WVU Sales Competition

First Place Winner – Victoria McDonald

Top Five Finalist – Luke Weir

Top Scoring University

Steel City Sales Competition @ Duquesne University

Second Place – Marisa McCoy

ALKU Internal Sales Competition

First Place – Madison Bowers

Second Place – Madison Gray

Third Place – Zerinee Depina

International Collegiate Sales Competition

Ranked #13 out of 80 participating schools

Semi-finalist – Victoria McDonald

University of Toledo’s Invitational Sales Competition

Second Place – Marisa McCoy

Best Social Media Award – Aidan Priest

Robert Morris University Sales Competition

Second Place – Luke Weir 

Third Place – Grace Coyle

National Shore Sales Competition

Second Round – Blaine Scott

Old Dominion University’s Sales Slam

First Place – Mitchell Sincropi

American Cast Iron and Pipeline Internal Sales Competition

First Place – Grace Coyle and Andy Chu

You can find more information on this years WVU Sales Competition here.

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