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Time to Consider our Graduate Programs

Time to Consider our Graduate Programs

As the spring semester concludes, our students may be considering an online graduate program to coincide with a full-time job or attending a face-to-face program to develop new skills. No matter where they are on their academic journey, the graduate program staff is available to assist them in finding the perfect graduate program. It is a rewarding experience to learn about our students’ goals and desires for their future careers and how we can contribute to their professional success.

As we emerge from a global pandemic, the graduate programs staff has seen a thriving community of education-seekers who add to their educational portfolio with an advanced degree or return to expand upon their existing skillset. The Graduate Programs Office (GPO) had a record number of enrolled graduate students during the academic year 2021-2022, resulting from our faculty and staff’s contribution to encouraging graduate education and welcoming our staff into your classrooms. Our staff supports our students through information sessions, classroom presentations, and individualized student meetings.

While more students are considering graduate education, many do not understand the portfolio graduate program we offer. When speaking with students, I encourage you to have them reach out to GPO. Now is the time for students to make their graduate educational plans for the fall.

– Joey VanDevender, Graduate Program’s Executive Director of Enrollment Management

Message from our Graduate Program’s Executive Director of Enrollment Management

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