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Consider a Student Organization

Consider a Student Organization

While you have been busy attending class and events, we want to make sure you have the opportunity to find student organizations here on campus. 

Business Students Hold Student Org Panel in Reynolds Hall

No matter your major or interest, the Chambers College has more than 20 student organizations to choose from. 

In case you missed the student organization panel on Thursday, September 29, here are some key takeaways on how you can decide which organization is best for you.

Business Students on the Reynolds Hall Social Stairs

Joining a student organization can open up the door for mentorship, career opportunities and meeting lifelong friends. However, we understand that deciding what organization to join and when to join isn't always an easy task. 

It’s best to start by discovering your own personal interests such as entrepreneurship, women in business or even video games. From there, visit  the WVU Engage page to find an organization that fits those interests. 

Another approach to finding an organization is combining your interests with your strengths. If you are interested in brotherhood and service, look into a fraternity such as Alpha Kappa Psi or Beta Alpha Psi. Interested in being competitive on the social or professional level? Look into Collegiate DECA or Collegiate Gaming

Once you find an organization that piques your interest, do a little research. Learn more about its leadership, mission, and goals, as well as the social events they hold throughout the academic year. 

Keep in mind that some may have requirements to join. It’s nice to know a friend already involved in the student org or club you’re interested in joining but, if you don’t, you can bring one along so that you’re not alone. 

No matter what student organization you chose here on campus, we’re sure you’ll find your fit! 

SH and CT /09/29/22 

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Marketing Strategist
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