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Supporting the University's R1 Mission

Supporting the University's R1 Mission

In addition to our status as a Land Grant University, West Virginia University has been classified as R1 (Doctoral Universities – very high research activity) under the Carnegie Classification of Universities since 2016.  

Carnegie R1 status is difficult to earn - only 146 other US universities have this designation - and the Carnegie Commission on Higher Education re-assesses universities every 5 years.  

The Chambers College plays an important role in maintaining WVU’s R1 status by producing cutting edge research, generating doctoral degrees, and helping to diversify West Virginia’s economy. We cannot rest on our laurels. We must continue to contribute to the activities that count toward R1 status.

As Associate Dean for Research my goal is to support Chambers College faculty in maintaining our status as a very high research activity university, to encourage faculty to seek external funding to support their research, and to expand and enhance our doctoral programs. 

I also want to help Chambers College faculty and doctoral students to increase the visibility of their research through the use of social media and other channels.

I encourage faculty and staff to contact me if they feel I can help them to increase contributions to our continuing status as an R1 university.   

Brad Humphreys, Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and Research

– Brad Humphreys, associate dean of academic affairs and research

Join Brad and the Strategic Communications team on Nov. 2 for the Research Communications Workshop in Reynolds Hall, and learn about the value of research and how to be the best advocate for your own research.

SH and 10/26/22 

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