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Let's Talk Business: How I Learned to Lead

Some leaders are born – but most are made at the Chambers College.

The estimated value of one hour of volunteer work is almost $32. What are you doing with your time?

The Organizational Leadership program at the Chambers College of Business and Economics is developing thoughtful, altruistic leaders to help businesses and organizations of all kinds “do good while doing good”. By immersing myself in courses on social responsibility and youth development, for example, the Organizational Leadership program exposed me to the vast world of nonprofits.

This broadened my horizons and shaped my values and outlook. Some of my favorite hands-on experiences include working with the Girl Scouts to reconnect with Girl Scout alumni and interviewing an American Red Cross regional executive.

ln searching for ways to make an impact during my time in the Chambers College, I utilized strategies and techniques such as change management, conflict resolution, and my CliftonStrengths to effectively lead myself and others. I worked in many different teams in class projects and as a resident assistant, Women in Business club officer, and Chambers College student ambassador. Being able to apply what I was learning in my Organizational Leadership courses helped me find success in each of my groups.

With a strengths-based curriculum and college, I was supported in the discovery and development of my CliftonStrengths. My top five are achiever, competition, learner, focus, and relator. Knowing my strengths and discussing how to build them into my personal and professional lives boosted my confidence. For instance, I noticed myself getting better at balancing my priorities, communicating in front of large groups, building stronger connections, and pursuing my passions.

Throughout my education in the ORGL program, I was engaged in experiential learning, challenged to think big, and encouraged to discover my leadership style.

If you have the desire to make a positive difference in your own life, your relationships, your communities, or your workplaces, check out the Organizational Leadership program.

Deanna Crumm
Commercial Leadership Development Program at Evoqua Water Technologies
Chambers College alumna

"Let's Talk Business" is a series of guest blogs written by members of the Chambers College community. All views expressed in this post are the author's own.

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