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Serving our Student Mission with Heart and Hustle

Serving our Student Mission with Heart and Hustle

We were fortunate to not only not experience an enrollment decline this fall, but to have a record-breaking freshman class. 

The Recruitment team goes above and beyond to provide a personalized experience for our admitted students. Call and letter writing campaigns are completed with the purpose of a) assisting with the application process, b) answering any questions students and their parents may have, and c) making students feel special. Many other colleges do not employ the methods that we do. The feedback we receive routinely mentions the personalized experience as a reason for choosing Chambers and WVU. 

My Mission Statement is that “I will dedicate myself to student success by seeking ways to improve access to higher education and remove barriers to degree completion while leading by example, being consistent and fair, and empowering and treating others with respect and dignity.” 

My entire team subscribes to this belief. As long as we do what is best for students, while maintaining the rigor of our programs, everyone wins.

I am fortunate to have an amazing team. They are dedicated to student success. We bring the best students to Chambers and then do all we can to keep them here and provide the resources they need to be successful and persist to degree completion. All day every day, we go about our work with the sole intention of improving student success. 

Road blocks and obstacles that get in the way of students completing their degree are either improved or removed.

- Rebel Smith, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Programs 

Chambers College