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A Step in a New Direction

A Step in a New Direction

On Saturday, May 14, more than 600 business students will once again link arms and sing Country Roads in the West Virginia University Coliseum, as they turn their tassels and become part of our alumni family.

Our Chambers College 2022 graduating class – composed of 498 undergraduate and 134 graduate students – has turned challenges into chances.

“Each of you learned more than you ever bargained for during your time at WVU – and you learned it fast,” said Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, Academic Affairs and Research Virginia Kleist. “In the true pioneering spirit of the Chambers College, you pivoted and successfully learned to navigate the unexpected.”

While the last two years may have been unexpected for this class, our students have learned from both real-world and remote experiences, and will succeed knowing they can communicate, problem-solve and multitask in any setting.


For global supply chain management graduates and WVU’s Order of Augusta Award recipients, Benjamin Harman and Allie Satterfield, the last couple of years has prepared them for new obstacles they will face in the growing supply chain industry.

“Supply chain management is becoming a C-suite level occupation and there is no better time to be curious about new supply chain methodology and technology than now,” said Harman. “The events of the pandemic have really shown a spotlight onto this profession that was previously thought of as mostly behind the scenes. Now that it has taken some of the runtime in the spotlight, the opportunity to improve upon it and develop more transparent global networks are never-ending.”

“Global supply chain management is only continuing to grow,” said Satterfield. “The opportunities to network and further your professional career are endless, as well as the opportunity to learn about GSCM and how it is intertwined within the world around you. 


No matter what area of business are students are earning their degree in, they also found time to be involved in extracurricular activities within the College and the University.

From business fraternities, being a student ambassador or peer mentor, a tutor, or even a leader of a student organization on campus, our students made the most of their time.

When students couldn’t find their place on campus, they created it.

Amaya Gray, a finance graduate and Student Managed Investment Fund (SMIF) member founded a new organization on campus ­­­­– Students of Color in Business.

“I'd recommend my major because it branches into so many different categories,” said Gray. “Areas in emphasis in investments, wealth management, and banking, allow us to view finance holistically rather than staying tied down to one piece of the bigger puzzle.”

Gray would also recommend spending time outside of the classroom to learn and grow as a person.

“My favorite college memory was spending time with my friends whether it was studying, grabbing food, or going out, I always cherished those moments,” she said.

After graduation, Gray will be working for Ernst & Young in the Financial Services Office within the Business Consultant Program in Tysons, Virginia.


Cameron Talbott, a Management Information Systems (MIS) graduate, will also be moving to northern Virginia and joining the KPMG office in Washington, D.C. as a Technology Assurance Associate.

“I’m excited to start the next chapter of my life,” said Talbott. “I have to tell you, as a non-traditional student, it’s been a long time coming.”

“I would recommend MIS to anyone that’s looking for a program that merges business and technology really well,” said Talbott. The program is challenging, rewarding, and has a great job placement rate.”

Talbott said he will miss being a mentor to incoming business freshman the most.

“Being a Chambers College peer mentor is my favorite college memory,” he said. “I think that’s the thing I’ll look back on and be proudest of when I remember my time here at WVU.”

Our graduates are ready take a step in a new direction and, for some, that means continuing their education.


For accounting graduate and New Jersey native, Keegan Sahlin, enrolling in the Chambers College Master of Accountancy (MAcc) program is the next step he is most looking forward to. 

“Accounting is a diverse major and its foundational learning applies to many other facets of business,” said Sahlin. “I came to WVU for the outdoors, but I chose and have stayed in the Chambers College for its many opportunities and support.”

During the last year, Sahlin has been interning for KPMG as a Federal Audit Intern while in school and will start full time in Washington, D.C., in Fall 2023.

“Many of my dreams came true, my fears ended up being steppingstones, and I found the start to my path in life,” said Sahlin.

Thanks to our traditional and new business initiatives, such as the online Healthcare MBA program, many of our undergrads and graduate students alike can find their own paths.


North Carolina native, Faith Mueller, found her unique path within our MBA program.

“I knew the Chambers College MBA program would provide me with additional skillsets in leadership and business from a civilian aspect,” said Mueller. “This program offered the opportunity to help improve the local community by partnering with a local business and providing them consultation throughout the term.

Many faculty within the program care and they provide you with opportunities, if needed, for networking and finding that potential job. The idea of giving back to the community to make the businesses stronger benefits all parties involved, too.”

After graduation Mueller will head to the United States Army Command and General Staff College (Major School) and will take on her first assignment in the Acquisitions Corps in the Army.

This year’s graduating class also includes 21 students who graduate from our College’s first class of the Healthcare MBA program.


Ali Herron, a Healthcare MBA grad and Pittsburgh native, said that being in the fist cohort for this degree is an honor.

“When I learned about the Healthcare MBA program, I realized this was the perfect program for me to continue my education and still stay focused in the healthcare field for my career,” said Ali Herron. “I also liked the fact that this program was completely online so I could continue to work full time.”

However, with any online course, communication is key.

“Working in healthcare full time during a pandemic, while also going to graduate school, I have learned how to manage my time and focus on the task at hand and how to adjust to curveballs that life can throw you,” she said.

As our students enter our Chambers College alumni family, we are excited to watch them enter the future of business.

Learn more from these Chambers College graduates as they discuss their futures. 

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