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Supporting the Alignment of Resources, Operational Support to Better Compete in a Transitioning Educational Market

Supporting the Alignment of Resources, Operational Support to Better Compete in a Transitioning Educational Market

Reynolds Hall is not just a new brick-and-mortar building: it creates new opportunities to evolve the way we work, learn, interact, collaborate and teach on campus.

These new dynamics will play out as we explore this advanced learning complex and take advantage of our new labs, building technologies and experiential learning spaces to achieve strategic outcomes. Our move came on the heels of the pandemic, which required us to deeply leverage technology to deliver courses remotely and interact and collaborate with students completely online. 

These two back-to-back transitions represent a lot of change in a short period of time. The Chambers College is uniquely positioned to address the needs of both on-campus and online students.

On-campus students now have access to futuristic experiential learning spaces, such as lab facilities supporting digital marketing, cybersecurity, stock trading, data analytics, global supply chain and more.

Additionally, classroom technologies are embedded in this new building that will expand our reach as we engage a growing pool of online students. These include live streaming and lecture capture support to reach students synchronously and asynchronously. 

Facilities like our Digital Recording Studio will also support on-campus, hybrid and online courses through more sophisticated digital content creation.

We are still in a transition, and it will take time to fully realize the capabilities of our new building. Reynolds Hall represents an intentional investment to support students with different needs and expectations. As assistant dean for administration and planning, my role is to continue to support the intentional alignment of resources (financial, human, and infrastructural) to create the flexibility we need to compete in this evolving academic market.

Working closely with Dean Hall, our chief business planning officer, our technology director and others, my priority is to bolster this highly adaptable environment with efficient support operations and effective planning to strategically position our college for the future. This includes maintaining highly efficient and effective business and IT operations, as well as strong administrative support, as we continue to address a broad range of needs.

I value your input and will promote transparency in our work. The key to our success as a facilities and planning team lies in truly supporting the work of all our faculty and staff to position us for continued growth.

John Lympany, assistant dean of administration and planning

Dr. John Lympany, a ssistant dean for administration and planning

Chambers College