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Meet Selena Hayes

Photo of Selena Hayes

Chambers College MBA graduate and West Virginia native Selena Hayes also received her undergraduate degree in psychology from WVU.

“My employer of nearly 15 years closed their Morgantown facility in 2021, providing me with the perfect opportunity to further my education,” said Hayes. “I wanted a degree that would broaden my horizons and increase the availability of future career opportunities. The WVU MBA program checked all of those boxes while offering the convenience and flexibility of online coursework.

“I chose WVU, specifically the Chambers College, because of its solid reputation in the academic community. The program cultivates well-rounded executives and opens the door to a wide variety of career paths. Additionally, everyone at the Chambers College was so helpful and informative when I began researching potential programs, that I knew WVU was the right choice.

"I would recommend the MBA program to anyone considering grad school. The varied curriculum guarantees exposure to a wide variety of subjects and creates professionals with expansive business knowledge and unlimited opportunities for advancement.”

After graduation, Hayes will be working as a software consultant, assisting businesses with the implementation and management of ERP software.

“I previously worked as an ERP supervisor, and obtaining an MBA will allow me to take the next step and counsel businesses around the world in the integration and optimization of their processes and platforms,” said Hayes.

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