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Meet Steven Chettleburgh

Meet Steven Chettleburgh

In the diverse landscape of West Virginia University (WVU), the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation thrives within individuals like Steven Chettleburgh. From running a successful yard sale business in middle school to becoming the president of the WVU Entrepreneurship Club, Chettleburgh's passion for entrepreneurship has been a driving force throughout his academic journey. 

Join us as we explore his love for innovation, his contributions to the WVU community, and his dreams of opening his own business.

Hailing from Ann Arbor, Michigan, Steven Chettleburgh was drawn to WVU not only for its academic offerings but also for the vibrant outdoor opportunities that surround the university. The friendly and welcoming nature of the WVU community further solidified his decision to pursue his education here. Little did he know that his entrepreneurial spirit would find fertile ground in this new environment.

Chettleburgh's passion for entrepreneurship took root during his early years when he successfully ran a yard sale business in middle school. This experience ignited a fire within him to explore the world of business and innovation. As a freshman, he wasted no time in joining the WVU Entrepreneurship Club, where he found a community of like-minded individuals who shared his ambition. Over time, he became an integral part of the club and eventually served as its president. In recognition of his outstanding leadership, Chettleburgh was honored with the "Outstanding Student Organization Leader" award for the club.

Being part of the WVU Entrepreneurship Club provided Chettleburgh with valuable opportunities to hone his skills. Through the club's activities, he learned the art of pitching business ideas and developed the ability to network effectively. These skills are essential for aspiring entrepreneurs, equipping them with the tools needed to turn their visions into reality. Chettleburgh dreams of one day opening his own business, and the experiences and knowledge gained at WVU have fueled his determination to pursue this dream.

While Chettleburgh's entrepreneurial journey is still unfolding, he has already taken a significant step towards success. After graduation, he has accepted a full-time position with Hershey in Maine. This opportunity will allow him to further his career and contribute to the field of innovation. It serves as a testament to his dedication and the valuable skills he has acquired during his time at WVU.

Steven Chettleburgh's journey at WVU showcases the power of entrepreneurship and innovation. From his early experiences as a young entrepreneur to his role as the president of the WVU Entrepreneurship Club, Chettleburgh has embraced every opportunity to develop his skills and pursue his dreams. His commitment to entrepreneurship and his unwavering determination to make a difference serve as an inspiration to fellow students and aspiring entrepreneurs. As Chettleburgh takes his first steps into the professional world, we eagerly await the impact he will make and the entrepreneurial ventures he will embark upon. WVU continues to be a breeding ground for trailblazers like Chettleburgh, fostering a community where innovation and entrepreneurship flourish.

CT 05/11/23

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