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Student Profile: Katherine Rexroad

Student Profile: Katherine Rexroad

With a true passion in her multiple areas of study, Katherine Rexroad has been hooked on West Virginia University’s idea of thinking big since the beginning of her college career.

Hailing from Clarksburg, W.Va., Katherine is a junior in accounting and management information systems, while also minoring in data analytics. And she readily admits that she attributes her passion for her studies to WVU and the John Chambers College of Business and Economics.

“WVU has definitely made me think differently in my personal and work lives — I now believe that anything is achievable if you have the drive to do it. One never knows what they could develop a passion for unless they’re exposed to it.” she said.

While successfully juggling her academic life, Katherine also loves the other roles she has as a college student. Some of her biggest accomplishments, she says, include being a part of the Mountaineer Marching Band, vice president of Beta Alpha Psi and a Chambers Ambassador. And that is to name only a few.

With just one more year of school, Katherine is starting a long and challenging certification for a remote internship with Oracle and NetSuite platforms. As she welcomes this real world opportunity, she said she is excited to learn about the back end of these platforms in the coming months. 

Looking ahead to her bright future career, Katherine anticipates that she will take the public accounting route, knowing that her degree and logical knowledge in MIS will help her be successful in her field.

“The role of MIS in accounting is becoming more prominent, to the point of eventually being synonymous with one another,” she said, “so I would like to be in a position to leverage both.”

Thanks to her double-major degree and her activity at the Chambers College, she is confident she can do just that.
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