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Student Profile: Avery Gunter

Student Profile: Avery Gunter

Avery Gunter portrait

He says he has a hard time saying where his home base is between North Carolina and West Virginia. That’s because Avery Gunter has found a love for his home of 10 years in Morgantown.

Avery is a senior double-major in finance and accounting, and as his life outside of college is about to begin, he finds himself busier than ever, whether it’s going to Cooper’s Rock to hike or attending on-campus lectures between classes.

When it comes to his academics, Avery never thought he would end up in the fields he has chosen. In fact, he said he thought he would stay away from math all together. And when he came to WVU as an undecided major, he didn’t think he would fit anywhere at a university. Yet, after watching the hit TV show  The Office, he fell in love with the dynamic of an office environment.

“I loved the mundane office environment, the nuanced relationships, and the ability the show had to make something meaningless into something memorable,” Avery said.

So, during his sophomore year, after taking a basic accounting class, he found himself enthralled by the subject and changed his major. A little later, he added finance as well, as he said they are equivalent to looking at the two sides of a coin.

Now, Avery is a student ambassador for the Chambers College and a student athlete tutor, where he demonstrates principles and communicates information to student athletes for various business classes at the business school. 

“It’s extremely humbling to know that I can make a difference in another student’s academic career by helping them to see a difficult concept in a more comprehensive way,” he said.

Avery is confident that the preparation WVU has given him will help him explore both the finance and accounting fields as his career unfolds.

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