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Student Profile: Brooke Harlow

Student Profile: Brooke Harlow


Portrait of Brooke Harlow

Whether this West Virginia native is cheering at sporting events or building her portfolio, Brooke Harlow knows how to keep busy.

 Brooke is an extroverted junior, double majoring in Marketing and Management with emphases in both professional selling and human resource management. As if that is not enough to handle, Brooke is also a student ambassador, the co-PR manager of the Love Your Melon crew on campus and has accepted two other positions Spring 2019.

In one of those positions, Brooke will be the Peer Career Coach with the Center for Career Development, where she will help students prepare for both their careers and their internship opportunities. In the other, she will be an intern at Fortune 500 company PepsiCo, where she will gain hands-on sales experience. 

Brooke is becoming as versatile as possible and recognizes that the John Chambers College of Business and Economics is what will help her achieve those goals. 

“The programs I am in are helping me shape my professional self. With each class that I take, I learn how to make myself more marketable to potential employers. They are helping me to become a more well-rounded individual, and I find that I want to better myself each day that I take classes.”

Make no mistake about it. What Brooke is doing at the Chambers College is already helping her career. By taking advantage of opportunities in the field, she will be able to apply what she has learned.

Brooke plans to enroll in the dual MBA/MSIR program at WVU and eventually become a director of Human Resources for a company in the talent acquisition department. Her long-term goals include starting and heading a non-profit humane society for homeless and abused animals, furthering her ambition to be as well-rounded as possible.
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