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Tech Development Company, OhanaLink Technologies™, Partners with West Virginia University’s Professional Sales Accelerator Program to offer Students Hands-on Experience

Tech Development Company, OhanaLink Technologies™, Partners with West Virginia University’s Professional Sales Accelerator Program to offer Students Hands-on Experience

West Virginia University’s (WVU) John Chambers College of Business and Economics Professional Sales Institute to offer hands-on sales training for students through the University’s Sales Accelerator program.  The Professional Sales Accelerator Program is designed to offer a unique opportunity for select WVU Sales Management students to engage in “real world” sales experience. 

According to Dr. David Brauer, Director of the Professional Sales Institute at WVU, “We are pleased to have OhanaLink Technologies on board as one of the business partners of the Sales Accelerator Program.”  Brauer explained, “The goal of the program is to partner with companies across a wide variety of markets where students can earn scholarship dollars while gaining practical hands-on experience navigating every part of the sales cycle in “real world” scenarios. 

Kara Wasser, Founder and CEO of OhanaLink Technologies, agreed. “We are excited to partner with the WVU Sales Accelerator initiative as the collaboration offers a number of benefits for the students and for our company.”  She added, “The partnership adds an extension to our existing sales efforts, while also serving as a potential recruitment opportunity - as our footprint continues to expand in the market, so will the need for experienced sales representatives.”

The process includes the selection of two students who will complete onboarding and sales training with OhanaLink Technologies. Students conduct sales activity on behalf of OhanaLink Technologies with a focus on West Virginia and the surrounding region. This includes contacting WVU Alumni that may have businesses or connections that would benefit from OhanaLink Technologies’ mobile technology solutions.  Students are awarded a scholarship based on the success of their sales activities and value of sales to customers.

Stated Wasser, “Part of our mission is to connect users and communities through mobile technology.  It’s through strategic partnerships like that of WVU that will allow us to provide training for those newly entering the market, while also helping us to extend our reach and ultimately grow our user base.”

About OhanaLink Technologies

ohana link technologies

Our mission is to be a technology leader delivering innovative, best in class mobile solutions that connect a diverse community of users through our private, secure communication and support platform.

OhanaLink Technologies is a mobile technology development company that offers a unique menu of solutions designed to offer secure communication channels for all ages. The suite of mobile solutions is designed to enhance the user experience by providing private, easy-to-use apps that directly connect their “ohana,” or community of loved ones. 

The company was created by Kara Wasser, bank executive turned entrepreneur, who saw the need to directly connect families and patients during a healthcare event or episode. After missing the birth of her niece, Wasser set out to create mobile technology that bridges the gaps in healthcare communication.  The company launched the OhanaLink™ smartphone app in 2020 and is available for download on either the Apple Store or Google Play and offers OhanaLink Baby™, OhanaLink Health™ and OhanaLink Health Kids™ “virtual waiting rooms”.  Users pay a monthly subscription fee.

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