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CLIMB the Summit

CLIMB the Summit

At John Chambers College of Business and Economics, you can CLIMB– Connect, Lead, Innovate, Motivate, Belong–to the top.

College is often scary at first as you are settling into your new home with approximately 29,000 students on campus. However, it doesn’t have to be.

Imagine living in a supportive environment where your roommates are also business students who help you grow as a professional within an academic and social community.

Imagine no more.

At the CLIMB Living Learning Community, you not only gain the support of other business students who become some of your closest friends, but you also have a one-of-a-kind college experience.

A business freshman poses for a picture with his family as he moves into the CLIMB LLC

“I am most excited to take advantage of all the opportunities that West Virginia University has to bring and to really maximize my time here,” said Jake, a freshman business management major from Westminster, Maryland. "I chose the CLIMB because it felt like home when I got here." 

And home is a great feeling to have when you're embarking on your college journey.  

Plus, you develop life skills that are important in the world of business.

Through your campus involvement, you can create your own network of fellow students, business school faculty and staff, and other business professionals.  

Attending the same classes allows students to not only create a bond, but it also creates better study habits. 

Gee with students

When you CLIMB the Summit, you will:  

  • Recognize the support services available to Chambers College students, such as tutoring, career preparation and academic advising;
  • Develop life skills that are of particular importance to aspiring business professionals;
  • Apply knowledge from entry level business classes in an experiential capacity;
  • Create a network of fellow students, College faculty and staff, and other professionals through campus involvement. 

“The CLIMB LLC program is designed to give students the chance to work together toward common goals, build a sense of community, and have fun experiences with their classmates along the way,” said Rachel Nieman, director of recruitment and retention at John Chambers College of Business and Economics. “Being a part of this program can truly give freshmen a leg up in making their mark here at the Chambers College. It allows students to connect with their faculty and staff in an informal and engaging way, providing them with support systems here at WVU, while participating in field trips, service projects, business-related seminars, and more.”

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CONTACT: Shelby Hudnall 
Marketing Strategist
WVU John Chambers College of Business and Economics, Strategic Communications 

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