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April 2022 Department Digest and Awards

April 2022 Department Digest and Awards

Our faculty and staff are always doing amazing things. View the latest Department Digest to see what they have been up to and catch what they’re saying in the media


Dr. Schuh's research paper, "Revolving versus Convenience Use of Credit Cards: Evidence from U.S. Credit Bureau Data," was accepted for publication by the Journal of Money, Credit, and Banking (an A+ journal in Finance).

Economics Professor Emeritus Tom S. Witt received the Earl L Core Award from the Chamber of Commerce

Global Supply Chain Management 

Dr. Bernardes and co-authors' research titled, "Out of sight, out of mind? Modeling the impacts of financial squeeze on extended supply chain networks," published in the Journal of Business Logistics, was recognized by Wiley as a top-cited 2020-2021 paper and generated immediate impact in the community. The research suggests that financial squeeze affects the stability of the supply chain network, and the effect varies depending on the location of the suppliers. In addition, the findings inform managers at buyer firms about the impacts of squeezing strategy on their extended supply chain partners, who often are out of their immediate purview.

Michael Sandner, one of our senior GSCM students, won first place in the University of Pittsburgh Supply Chain Symposium poster Competition. His topic was sustainability in packaging.

Evan Lauer and Michael Sandner is one of the Traffic Club of Pittsburgh Scholarship 2022 recipients. This competitive merit-based award has the purpose to attract the highest achieving undergraduate students to the club’s mission to promote professionalism in the fields of transportation and supply-chain management.

Hospitality and Tourism Management 

Dr. AJ Aluri was awarded the Global 25 Most Influential Educators in Hospitality by the International Hospitality Institute (IHI). He was featured in the special edition of the IHI's Global Hospitality magazine. The IHI is a global advocacy, training, and standards organization for the hospitality industry.  


GLO-BUS Software, the company that administers the simulation through its website, publishes rankings of teams from colleges across the world, based on their performance computed on multiple factors (e.g., stock price, return on equity, image rating). We are happy to report several teams of students at WVU have been ranked in the Global Top 100 at different stages of the simulation during Spring 2022. The top ranked teams (at any stage of the simulation) across different instructors are as follows: 

Global 1st Rank (Instructor: Anja Fessmann)
Student Team: 
Carli Black
Noah Quick
Taylor Raghunath
Klaus Zielstorf

Global 4th Rank (Instructor: Abhishek Srivastava)
Student Team:
Benjamin Carey
Bryan DeBald
Courtney Mancone
Kenneth Seelig

Global 5th Rank (Instructor: David Cale)
Student Team:
Adam Aronson
Hannah Anderson
Jack Malone
Madison Simms
Colton Samples

Global 11th Rank (Instructor: Olga Bruyaka)
Student Team:
Joseph Bagan
Faith Kostow
Austin Lubak
Avery Sapp
Cole Tross

Global 29th Rank (Instructor: Oleksandr Tsaruk)
Student Team:
Kolby Mack 
Jacob Runner 
Michael Spitak 
Theodore Stackpole 
Jordan Wendolowski

Global 55th Rank (Instructor: Tom Zeni)
Student Team: 
Kaitlin Cummings
Markie Gallik
Megan Malo
Nicholas McCarty


Dr. Susan Lantz was selected for as the 2022 recipient for the Faculty Award for Outstanding Global Contributions. This award recognizes faculty who have made exemplary contributions to WVU’s global mission, helping advance not only the University, but also the State of West Virginia. According to Amber Brugnoli, Associate Vice-President and Executive Director for Global Affairs, "Her commitment to international education is truly amazing. Through her work in education abroad, virtual learning, and international student engagement, it became clear that she has demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of international education. Her robust achievements have helped increase the global profile of the University and built meaningful and lasting international relationships. This award comes with $3,000 in funds to recognize her accomplishments."

Dr. Laurel Cook's article, "Sharenting in an Evolving Digital World: Increasing Online Connection and Consumer Vulnerability," was recently accepted into a special Transformative Consumer Research (TCR) issue of the Journal of Consumer Affairs.

Ph.D. Candidates

Congratulations to three 2022 Chambers College Ph.D. candidates for being recognized. They are: 

Richard (Richie) Oxarart: the 2022 Doctoral Student Award for Outstanding Research

Sara E. Guffey: the 2022 Doctoral Student Award for Outstanding Teaching

Yang Yanng: the 2022 Outstanding Doctoral Student Award

Vantage Ventures 

Vantage Entrepreneur and West Virginia native, Samuel Chico IV (“Auggie”), founder of Parthian Battery Solutions was recently selected as one of 12 entrepreneurs into the Nasdaq Entrepreneurial Center’s Spring 2022 Milestone Makers. This cohort is being recognized for their work towards the UN’s SDG #7 Clean and Affordable Energy and #13 Climate Action.

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