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Meet Benjamin Craw

Photo of Benjamin Craw

Benjamin Craw is originally from Champaign, Illinois, and received his undergraduate degree in business administration from Mississippi State University.

“I changed my major four times during undergrad and had three different internships that propelled me to choose to pursue my masters in human resources management,” said Craw. “Overall, I wanted to work with and support people while in a business environment, and HR provided me with that opportunity.

"I chose WVU because of the reputation and outcomes of the HR program. Additionally, my sister completed her undergraduate degree here and wanted to move closer to family.”

While he is excited for his future in HR, Craw says he will miss the friends he has made and the business faculty that drove him to be his best self.

“Coming to WVU and being part of the Chambers College has provided me with so many opportunities to be introspective, and really think about all of the ways that I can be successful and have an impact on people's lives,” he said. “My favorite thing about my program was the practicum series that we have on Friday mornings. It was an amazing opportunity to interact with industry professionals and gain real world experience. Every single class in the HR program has provided me with additional skills and experiences to take into my future career. Everything that we do in this program builds on one another and provides students with an incredible amount of knowledge in the field of HR.”

After graduation, Craw will be working with Eaton as part of their Human Resource Leadership Development program. His first rotation will be in Irvine, California.

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