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Meet Faith Figgins

Faith Figgins, an economics graduate from Martinsburg, WV, chose her major because she saw it as a well-rounded program and found that there are endless opportunities within the major.

“WVU offered the best opportunity to pursue whatever my heart desired,” said Figgins. “Within the economics program, the courses hone in on analytic and problem-solving skills applicable to the personal and professional world. The department is full of people who are eager to learn, and mentors that are knowledgeable and willing to guide you on your own path.”

Aside from her day-to-day studies, Figgins has been a Chambers College Peer Mentor for the last two years. She has also held executive positions within student organizations and business clubs, such as Active Minds, Global Business Brigades, Law and Economics Club, WVU Paws, and Baskets of Love.

After graduation, Figgins hopes to take a year off to travel and explore law schools.

Figgins said she will miss the tight-knit community that is the Chambers College.

“The advisors, professors, Center for Career Development (CCD) staff, the graduate assistants, and even fellow business peers, are so kind and helpful. You can ask anyone nearly anything and they will always provide an answer or advice to the best of their ability.”

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