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Inspiring the future of business: Chambers College names 2024 Roll of Distinguished Alumni and Early Career Achievement Awardees

On Thursday, April 4, the John Chambers College of Business and Economics at West Virginia University honored nine inspiring alumni who have positively shaped the business landscape of their fields at various stages of their careers. This is the 13th annual alumni awards ceremony for the Chambers College.

The Roll of Distinguished Alumni was launched in 2011 to honor the College’s 60th anniversary. The ceremony was expanded last year to include a category to recognize early career inductees.

Let’s Talk Business: Becoming an Accountant, Step by Step

As an accounting student at WVU, I’ve had support from a number of faculty since the beginning of my time in the Chambers College. From mentorships to job opportunities, the WVU Accounting department fully prepares its students for their unique career paths.

Like most first-year students, I started my college career not knowing where I was going to end up. However, through the years, my professors provided information about employer events, career fairs and various student organizations to join that would help me find my path. At the beginning or end of class, they will often talk about their experience in the industry. These conversations sometimes focus on the Big 4 accounting firms – Deloitte, Ernst & Young, PwC and KPMG – where many WVU Accounting students are employed.

What's in Fashion: The Value of Experiential Learning

Learning extends beyond the walls of the classroom. A strong education requires an integration of both experiential and classroom learning options. I was honored to participate in a one-of-a-kind experiential learning opportunity during the 2024 New York Fashion Week! I felt very well prepared to take on this journey, and I returned with an overwhelming amount of knowledge to apply in the classroom.

I was selected to represent West Virginia University at U of NYFW, a program for college students interested in learning more about Fashion Week, thanks to WVU's Brand and Trademark Licensing department. 27 students and 18 universities took on New York City with one common interest: a love for fashion and retail.

Q&A with DBA Accounting Student Christy Knight 

Originally from Greensboro, North Carolina – Christy Knight currently resides in Stokesdale, North Carolina close to her three sons, but now that they are grown, she’s very open to new opportunities.  

Christy Knight shares her journey and experiences that led to finding her passion in accounting and the dream to teach. The Chambers College’s Fully-Online Doctorate of Business Administration program helped her to turn her dream into a reality. Read her full story below and learn about our DBA program where you can specialize in accounting, economics, management, or marketing. 

How WVU Rifle's Matt Sanchez overcame adversity

At just ten years old, Matt Sanchez began his career as a marksman. Now, as a senior rifle athlete at West Virginia University, the Florida native is a leading marksman for the No. 1 rifle program in the country.

Throughout the first three matches in 2023, Sanchez averages 1,185.333 aggregate points per match, the sixth highest in the nation.

Let's Talk Business: The Opportunities of Economics

I’m graduating from Chambers College in four months. My path looks nothing like what I pictured on my first day at West Virginia University—and I couldn’t be happier.

I transferred to WVU at the beginning of my sophomore year. I had aspirations of being a lawyer. I was thrilled to be accepted into the ECON 3+3 program and was destined to be a lawyer in just five years. My first semester here I took the “Law and Economics” class. I found the analysis of the legal field using economics fascinating.

An educational journey through virtual reality with John Saldanha

COVID-19 arrived at a time when critics already were questioning the value of a conventional college education. According to some analysts, the previous four decades had seen a 1,400 percent increase in college tuition, and pandemic lockdowns raised additional doubts about the value of a four-year degree.

Some observers saw the crisis as an opportunity to revamp outdated systems. Others predicted it would lead to a massive upheaval of the education system. At the John Chambers College of Business and Economics at West Virginia University (WVU) in Morgantown, we recognized that the pandemic made it imperative for us to implement novel and effective approaches to engaging students.

Let's Talk Business: Leading Through Service

In West Virginia, one in nine adults face hunger, while the same statistic for children is even higher at one in seven.

Considering this information, the Chambers College’s MBA program service group felt that we would have the greatest impact on our community by assisting Pantry Plus More in their mission to supply families in need with basic daily necessities and school supplies.