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Let's Talk Business: Giving Back with More than Money

This fall will mark the start of my seventeenth year working in the career service arena at WVU, and as I write this, I feel like that must be a typo!

But as the saying goes, time flies when you’re having fun – and I can’t think of a better way to kick off each academic year than building connections between our students, alumni and employers. 

Let's Talk Business: Who Is the Ideal Chambers College Student?

Our education is more innovative than ever before. Our students have direct access to hands-on lab spaces that allow them to learn by doing. Our alumni are game changers, entrepreneurs, and are molding the future of their industries.

Who is the ideal Chambers student?

West Virginia Business Hall of Fame inducts three exemplary leaders for 2023 class

The West Virginia Business Hall of Fame has announced the inductees for its 2023 class: three proud West Virginians whose careers in the fields of energy, restaurant franchising and industrial service have set an exemplary standard for leadership in business.

The 2023 class is composed of Rusty Hutson Jr., CEO of Diversified Energy Company; Fred D. Clark, CEO and corporate secretary of IVS Group; and John Ebert, owner of J.W. Ebert Corporation.

Let's Talk Business: Accounting is the Foundation of Great Business

You may recall a high school bookkeeping course and think accounting is just about transaction analysis and creating financial statements, like the balance sheet or income statement. You may even recall the dreaded words “debit” and “credit.”

Foundational skills are critical to be successful in most any career. Before an engineer can build a bridge or skyscraper, they need to know calculus. Before a doctor can cure patients, they need to know human anatomy, biology and chemistry.

Accounting Student Receives Top Honors

Alyssa Quinlan, a student in the Master of Accounting program at the Chambers College, was recently named West Virginia’s top accounting student by a state professional society.

A native of St. Albans, WV, Quinlan graduated Summa Cum Lauda from WVU in May 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in accounting. Following her graduation, she returned to the Chambers College to pursue a Master of Accounting degree with a focus on Business Data Analytics and Assurance as well as Forensic and Fraud Examination. She intends to earn certifications as both a CPA (Certified Public Accountant) and CFE (Certified Fraud Examiner).

Meet Lillian Bischof

Lillian Bischof, a remarkable student from West Virginia University, recently received the prestigious Order of Augusta, recognizing her outstanding achievements and contributions to the university community. 

Throughout her college career, Bischof has pursued dual disciplines, excelling in both finance and chemical engineering within the WVU Statler College. Hailing from the northern panhandle of the state, Bischof chose WVU for its exceptional faculty and staff, who have nurtured her growth, provided countless opportunities, and fostered a sense of belonging. As she reflects on her journey, Bischof's passion for innovation and commitment to success shines through every aspect of her college experience.

Meet Carl Behm

Sometimes it only takes a single event to ignite a lifelong passion. For Carl Behm, a marketing senior hailing from Maryland, attending a WVU vs. Pitt basketball game was the catalyst that led him to fall head over heels for the pride and spirit of West Virginia University. Since that fateful game, Behm has embraced every opportunity the university has to offer, immersing himself in the learning environment, taking on leadership roles, and building a network that has propelled his career in marketing. 

As he graduates with a marketing degree and embark on a promising internship, Behm’s WVU experience exemplifies the transformative power of education, networking, and unwavering dedication.

Meet Steven Chettleburgh

In the diverse landscape of West Virginia University (WVU), the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation thrives within individuals like Steven Chettleburgh. From running a successful yard sale business in middle school to becoming the president of the WVU Entrepreneurship Club, Chettleburgh's passion for entrepreneurship has been a driving force throughout his academic journey. 

Join us as we explore his love for innovation, his contributions to the WVU community, and his dreams of opening his own business.

Meet Dylan Istre

Embarking on a new chapter of life in an unfamiliar place can be both daunting and exhilarating. For Dylan Istre, a military student hailing from Maryland, the decision to pursue higher education at West Virginia University offered a chance to build a promising future. 

Through his determination, academic pursuits, and strategic networking, Istre has transformed his passion for finance into a fulfilling career with CAE in Tampa, Florida.