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Student Profile: Paul Coffy

Student Profile: Paul Coffy

Paul Coffy portrait


Paul Coffy bleeds gold and blue through and through — aside from his military colors, of course. As he pursues a M.S. Business Cybersecurity Management degree, this Erie, Pennsylvania, native has established a strong foundation for a bright future in his chosen program.

Paul is an Electronic Warfare Sergeant for the West Virginia Army National Guard at Camp Dawson near Kingwood, West Virginia. As an Operational Cyber Security Analyst, he chose the cybersecurity master’s program after realizing his satisfaction in aiding the public in protecting themselves from malicious actors. And he has recognized the high demand for cybersecurity positions in a world overflowing with technology.

With a strong passion for the cybersecurity program, Paul also sees a great future for careers in West Virginia. He said he believes the state is a great place to expand in cybersecurity and other information sciences-related careers. 

“Before I started this program, I was always the one asking what path I should take in a certain situation at work,” he said. “Now, I find that I am the one who many times is answering questions.”

Paul has found his place in areas outside of the graduate program. Throughout his four years of undergraduate study, he played rugby for WVU and was on active duty for the National Guard. 

For now, his plans are fluid. Eventually, he said he would like to own his own cybersecurity consulting and research firm, or he could see himself as chief security officer at a Fortune 500 company. However, he is also interested in going back to the academic world, teaching future generations about the importance of cybersecurity.

But if there is one thing he knows for sure, Paul wants to be rooted in the important business of cybersecurity and share the knowledge with others.

“The best way to defend against a threat is to harden our networks and become educated in cyber and information security,” Paul said. “I want to be on the forefront of defending our country in cyber space and then train others to do the same.” 

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