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Unwind and Recharge

Unwind and Recharge

Unwind and Recharge

Ever wonder why we still have to charge our phones and computers? One minute your phone reads 100 percent and before you know it, it’s down to 20 percent. On top of that, you’ve lost your charger. 

Electronic devices cannot run all day without recharging and neither can you. 

Sitting in front of a computer screen for hours at a time is harder than it sounds. In fact, researchers calculated that people spend about six hours and 43 minutes a day staring at a screen. Now, while quarantined, we catch ourselves spending more time staring at our devices. Even when we take a break from the computer, we pick up our phones and scroll through Instagram or TikTok. 

You’ve been learning online now for four weeks. It’s time to unwind and recharge! 

If you have time during the day to take a break in between classes and studying, shut your laptop and step away from your phone for a few minutes. 

Take time to stretch, make a cup of coffee, organize your closet or drawers, walk your dog, or even sit outside for a few minutes for a breath of fresh air. You’ll be surprised to find how easily your mood and energy is boosted from the simplest thing. 

For more tips on how to stay happy and healthy, click here.

Tips for Success 

A few helpful tips and reminders from your Chambers College family, and West Virginia University, to get you through the week:

  • Our University’s final exam period will run from Friday, May 1 through Sunday, May 10. Instruction for all undergraduate courses will end on April 30. Exams will be held on Saturdays (May 2 and 9) and make-up exams will be on Sundays (May 3 and 10). Your final grades will be available by May 15. Please keep in mind that there will be a daily lockdown period on eCampus from 7:30 - 10:30 p.m each day, except on Sundays. 
  • Doing your best is tough when you’re working from home and feel like you have to reinvent yourself during this time. You’re feeling a lot of emotions right now (and we are, too). However, if you’d like to speak with someone, the Crisis Text Line at West Virginia University’s Carruth Center is free, confidential and available 27/7.  
  • Still have questions? Ask us! Read over our Chambers College Student Resource page to see if we can provide you with answers. If not, use the form to easily submit your questions or concerns.
  • Need help in Accounting or Econ? Check our Neidermeyer Scholars updated schedule for virtual help with the following courses: Acct 201, Acct 202, Econ 201 and Econ 225.  
  • Our Undergraduate Recruitment Team is holding virtual visits each Monday, Tuesday and Thursday to discuss what it’s like to be a business student. If you know a student who is thinking about joining Chambers College in the fall, encourage them to sign up for a meeting!
  • Are you on social media? (Of course you are!) Make sure you’re following Chambers College for recent news and updates from us and the University!

Virtual Events 

Our Center for Career Development has been hosting virtual events this week and will continue to do so next week. The next events are: 

  • April 22: Casual Conversations: Exploring Graduate School to Achieve Career Outcomes from 3-4:00 p.m. 
  • April 28: Five Ways to Manage Stress and Maximize Your Job Search from 12-1:00 p.m.
  • April 30: What to Expect: Graduate School Edition from 3-4:00 p.m.

All events are accessible via Zoom and you can RSVP here

If you have questions about these events or would like to speak to someone in the CCD for career help, please email

Pursue Your Passion 

Are you a student who is self-motivated and has a passion for learning?

If you shook your head yes, then you should check out our graduate programs at Chambers College! While grad school may not have been a part of your original plan, it never hurts to look. 

Not only do you get to explore a subject you love, but earning a master’s degree is also known to help individuals stand out to employers. You can receive higher earning potential and more opportunities for growth!

Some of the newest, and most popular, graduate programs at Chambers College include: 

Find what you’re passionate about and reach out to our Graduate Admissions and Recruitment Director, Joey Vandervendor, at  

A Virtual Trip 🇧🇷

You can take a virtual study abroad trip to Brazil this Friday, April 24!

Our Chambers College Assistant Professor of Marketing, Dr. Laurel Cook, invites you to join her on a virtual trip to Brazil. 

You’ll see the wonders of Lençóis Maranhenses National Park and hear from Brazilian students, companies and cultural educators. When else can you visit Brazil in the comfort of your own home? 

This virtual trip is scheduled for this Friday, April 24, at 4:00 p.m. (EST). 

Please access via zoom here or with the Zoom ID: 935 9710 1418. 

If you have any questions, please email

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